About Us

everyday moving services limited was established in Shanghai in 1998. Is a famous day moving companies, moving companies, Shanghai every day every day moving companies, moving companies every day in Shanghai, every day moving, moving every day, moving every day in Shanghai, Shanghai moved every day. Are approved by the Shanghai Municipal communications Bureau, registered by the Municipal Department of industry and commerce, and taxation,  of independent corporate enterprises with registered capital of 5 million Yuan, Shanghai established one of the early movers.

every move is specialized in moving, transportation, services of private enterprises. Business can engage in all kinds of complex lifting, handling, repair and maintenance, installation of air conditioning equipment to dredge, also participate in many schools, factories, full range of moving organs, enterprises and institutions and residential moving services. Companies have been growing, and currently has a variety of vehicles more than 60 films, all kinds of technical staff of more than 200 people are larger moving companies in Shanghai City.

various types of moving vehicles. Moved field Department has various big, and in the, and small van type and the flat freight vehicles, size crane, and forklift can meet General customer different needs, company equipped with has a high quality, and trained of moved field service personnel, moved field employees has hard of spirit, and in company of training Xia, acquired has a excellent of moved field skills, 70% workers can skilled of handling piano, and disassembly home furniture. Companies with air conditioning Assembly and disassembly, cleaning workers and complete convenience for our customers. Trackbacks every day thoughtful service and sincere attitude is your best choice.

we are pursuing is "first class service + =100% satisfaction at reasonable prices".

customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!

a little every day, moving strength!  sincerely welcome your patronage and guidance!