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Moving stories from memory

Shanghai trackbacks every day moving for the second time, it was moved from the original to the building next door. Departments and units of the housing distribution system that is like this: moving from small houses to the great step by step. Father designed the decoration of new House, he called many of the older neighbor watching what he calls the "Open House", as a child. The year I graduated high school and went to Beijing, parents didn't give me the keys to new home, new home room as me, Chinese new year back home, I sleep living room. Parents are still kind, but I have become. Every time I asked mother with child can go back to "our home" when young left in the door frame height of nicks, mother smiled and said, that is their home. I was silent. At that time I never thought I would like this go well in the move. &Nbsp;  

their move in the true sense, is a senior at the time. Was a scattered class, open focuses on locomotive fooling around by the young people. Met another girl at the University in the pub, then love mess, then decided to move out – often saw the shadow of my own do it yourself housing ... ... As good as he was fighting or decadent young men decided to build their own little home for rent house. Say good move, Huang Zhuang found a home, your expensive, and people live 9,001 months. Found a bunch of buddies, as lively as a married and bought a bunch of groceries, and fervent moved in. Tired, tired, feel that build their own nest for the first time, but once in a lifetime.    

happiness seems to me that people have been living on two wheels is a kind of hope. The stress of life, the sanctity of life, which one is more important? Rent the expensive rent, plus continuous several traffic accidents, originally not much savings have changed to a negative number, I quickly realized that the little happiness of heaven and Earth is as fragile as a cardboard box. Work flow, also resigned, and I want to find a friend and not too far from the House, rent Ocean intermediary people's war on the net to find a suitable home how difficult it is. On in gave up Qian moment I see has a later is said to have only Deng out has 10 minutes on by deleting has of collection rent advertising, is a Shang to of a home, 6,501 months, things also is full, I as caught help straw as immediately run to see room has, live that of is a is handsome of somewhat gay temperament of boy, and I is hit it off, room is small, Office is big, big of can playing basketball that, decoration of is as a bar, wall Shang plug with darts disc, hanging with I see not understand of mural. Moving out from the school was different, I began to realize that things like thick comic book magazines how heavy, how stupid move with lots of toys. Solution is to throw, can throw it away, of course, almost every time they moved like a military retreat, later abandoned baggage in this case, is what I was unexpected.    

Beijing refused to give up the petty bourgeoisie who like to rest on our laurels, for me is really hard. 01 that September, I went to the market to buy some sweet potatoes, eggs, boiled egg custard, cooked sweet potatoes to eat, of course, the poor also don't forget drinking fruit Jane ... ... Then translation of live suddenly special of hard to find, original wrote book of book business also play up disappeared to has, I at led has a pen royalties, run to stall Shang to girlfriend buy has article necklace, is a put key and a small lock of style, I is like, silver of imitations, 45 block, chilling of took not shots, can is exception to warm and another people memorable.    

girlfriends to find her a friend House, 5,001 a month to rent, two--the House when I first went to live in haunted--I doubt the evening this crowded little room for people like this. House in wangjing, far away, but a car is easy, to the national people's Congress here to work as long as 25 minutes-then finally found a good job. Happiness seems to be out of the winter and spring, they are not cold. I adopt here the first dog of my life Yuki, the price is surprisingly low, start saving money every month, the family gradually acquired the dog is pregnant. Cold December, I DUN have a big pot of Borscht at home, made a big table and dishes, a lot of my friends to taste. I think they are happy.    

life in happiness and unhappiness is never exactly what you want him to appear on the calendar, they unified name was accidental. Parents against pressure from his girlfriend, and her mess of the discord is growing. That winter I finally decided to leave the home, funny how two people should cry, seemed to be away on a business trip.    

I met another important person in my life. When I met her she was still in high school, I just look at her sister, when consultant advice to her to tell her how to get along with your boyfriend, and half-jokingly promised to go and see her at her high school graduation when-the summer of 2001, I spent in a car accident, large and small, are unable to deliver. Until one day she suddenly I said he was in Beijing, when it came to see me, and say a lot of words I just believe originally the Internet is true. In the doorway when I saw the cowboy double shoulder bag short hair PISCES girl of the moment--in the words of Beijing called "love". But caught between old and new relationships is not a fun thing, and I still live in the old House, I had to find a new home soon. And I like to play buddy, enthusiastically introduced me to force the House to live in, so moving. This is the third move.    

moving for the first time, I asked a few of my friends ride a bike to help, moving for the second time, I ordered a tractor to get third, even though I threw away all the things that don't, I still have a facet to hold all the stuff. Night moves, I focused on locomotive facet drivers leading the way, results are catching up with the North SI Huan rummage. Roadside suddenly jumped out of a a police, with flashlight crazy Hoang I, then took with Horn reaches wants to cut I, middle is one seconds around of time, I subconscious to reduction document throttle full, engine of roars enough earthquake broken glass--results rearview mirror hanging has that wants to Dang martyrs of police about on passed, later I total put this small episode as moved in the of jokes said to friends listening to.    

House is very quiet in the forces, the guards soon got to know me and my special car. Life is still relaxed, nothing ripples, I clean up the House ways and means has begun Professional – is to be a "long illness into a doctor" in the sentence. Scorpio people are the ends justify means, very vindictive person, I was, once upon a time she was. So little games started. Scorpion deliberately fish came to see me in that morning from my house, and dragged up to meet ... ... I was embarrassed for her injuries. I was very indignant, and feel that they are innocent, of course, thought I was hateful. None are willing to reject, not willing to hurt, end up hurting all people.    

Unfortunately it is examination discipline in the troops, and then moved again, this time I can only moved to the houses across the street, 9,001 months, it's not cheap, I'm tired, don't want to get in trouble. This moving and interesting, my side does not have a girlfriend to help me for the first time--the small fish has come home for the holidays, so I used the ants moving method, transported to and fro my Junk. Reminds me that the car carrying the bag revealing a shovel before lying basin, and one couldn't help laughing. At the end of the summer when, unfortunately, also began to fall, the car lost, but more than one. For the soul than I was more artificial limbs. When she held me from behind, I think that if you are wrong? Is it time to really think for life? So, I began to live my life without a car, and began seriously to their loved ones. I'm saving money to buy a digital camera, just to record all of our lives. I said, I want to buy a DV, record some more. She rushed me.    

life gradually stable has, I also wants to live of away from units more near some, so and moved, this find has a friends with rent, can be described as has prepared and to, find has personal big Simon of two home, price also not your, make has half of rent, can didn't thought just live has one months, landlord find door to, said that posing as landlord of is a cheats. So just wasted thousands of dollars tuition couldn't always make them. That will have to continue to pay rent to live here. Small fish always doing the laundry while surfing while listening to the song, results TALK BIG didn't know falling landlord family of solid wood flooring, all cracking up ... ...