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When moving attention to the child's State of mind

Many parents think that moving just the adults, and children will not matter. So, ignoring the child's emotions. In fact, the children, moving event. However, the move won't let him generate excitement, on the contrary, did not understand what was happening the child will have a very strong sense of anxiety. So parents should be more concerned about their children.

parents to understand their child's feelings

first of all, parents explain to their children why and ask them about the Shanghai moving moving feelings every day. Let your child know that you understand his feelings. Second, and children can talk about imminent separation, children likely to be away from grandparents, cousins, nanny or familiar teacher, classmate and friend are unbearable. This time, the parents to let them know that, after moving, he can still keep in touch with all of them.

kids talk about the moving process not only helps relieve anxiety, and help children to express their opinions, exercise your child's verbal skills.

help your child plan a farewell party

let children actively involved in the relocation process. Younger kids can make their own toys, books and other, older children can let him helping parents organize other items. Participation will give these children a positive psychological effect, make them feel moved to take the initiative.

families with conditions before you leave, you can help children with a camera or video camera to take picture of the original House, and ask them do want to save the photo or video. Parents can also help their children plan a farewell party with my friends, like a family party. In my opinion, these moves seem superfluous, in fact, very necessary. Because in this process, the children and home and friends for a farewell ceremony, not only can say goodbye to the past, better new place lives and help children to maintain his friendship, while children in the process, practice and brain, many also exercise.

retain their most loved "old goods"

in the move, under normal circumstances, parents bring their children don't play very often, the bad old goods directly away, and this would not be desirable. Children may also miss the old toys, and if you move to a new place for him, it hard to adapt, he is likely to push those old items company. If he perceived in this way, then you want to discard all the things into a cardboard box and take them to the new House. Children adjust to life there, cannot be dealt with later.

after a new home, parents still had to pay attention to their child's mood changes, and more children to help him understand, familiarize yourself with the new environment. Meanwhile, encouraging children to live in harmony with their neighbors and make new friends. Concerned about their children's health. Children may appear "acclimatized" attention.

one final note is that just moved into their new home, people are often tired, hysterical and prone to depression. Adult to control his emotions and tried to create a warm, harmonious, pleasant family atmosphere, let the children liked the new House as soon as possible.