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Moves must be coordinated before the relationship between the parties

&Nbsp;       the dignity and serious disputes on ronghua Lu Jianya garden. According to the contract, leases since last June 7 to June 7 this year. Although the lease a few days, but tenants Miss Zhao decided to take advantage of the weekend to move.

     Shanghai moving company finished the hours at 8 o'clock in the morning every day. When handling, residential property management security block was encountered because the owner did not sign a release form, cannot be released by the rules.

     Miss Zhao contacted owners living nearby Ms Liu, wanted her to sign the Bill to pass. But Liu immediately refused and moved the previous day did not greet, it is lack of respect for her.

     Zhao nasty, fruitless rounds of coordination. Have waited a few hours and the porters who incessantly moving furniture to rush outside. The result was blocked for security. Atmosphere strained on both sides, almost in hand. Zhao then alarm. Several officers rushed to the scene near the police station, officers call owner cell phones, but they remained unmoved. Helpless police officers to evacuate.

     at 11 o'clock in the morning, cloudy. Workers and Zhao again intervened with property management. When forced to carry, and was blocked. Miss Zhao second alarm.

     police officers went to the scene after more than 10 minutes. Police again owners phone and asked her to. Owner Liu finally appeared in the community. Police officers to evacuate.

     long disputes, both sides were exhausted. Zhao said he had informed the owners recently moved out a week ago, no need for instructions. Liu insists that tenants do not respect me, don't want to go today. Zhao was to reclaim the original 850 Yuan deposit, was also Liu Yi does not respect me, leaning no deposit money.

     in the marathon debate, the property company the most helpless. A responsible person revealed that they were forced by duty to stop, but also afraid of moving companies hard rush, fighting on both sides will be hurt, for this kind of thing, not worth it. Close to noon, preliminary settlement. Zhao was kept very angry, quietly signing to give up her lover a deposit bond. Liu is also quickly signed a release, moving finally to take place.

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