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How to prevent things lost during move

Now people find moving companies for moving the phenomenon often occurs when some threw things, because there is no proof that the moving company for every day, but couldn't find anything, so I got very angry, let your festive move becomes upset, moving company now teaches you how to prevent things lost in the moving process.

due to not move often, many clients move along, will some precious articles at random and moved down to something no one to look after, it's easy to lose things. This moving company to remind our customers and we should do the following: clean before they moved their belongings and packed valuables packed. To take care of yourself with goals; must have two people when moving, there were three or four people would be better looked after. Move, going to take care of the things in the upstairs, downstairs bus when himself will be someone to look after. Is not a moving company who stole, who has collected many waste most love the fun; said to be asked did you waste sold, sometimes while you're not looking, shoplifting will steal your stuff. Move over there, too, can keep you safe.

understand the knowledge of these loss prevention in the process of moving people in cooperation with these moving companies in the process of maintaining a good working conditions, so as to make people's lives more after moving the better.