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Numerous experiences moving arrangements can save money

1  turbidity to Shanghai every day, moving companies for home rough   to prevent moving company in advance also on behalf of another province reduction   moving companies abound, fee scales with the quality of services is not contrary to, before they moved to shop around, whether to seek non-moving drain the bad points of the lessons, or through phone, website and other Canal-Syrian understanding the moving company. Forgotten in the network see, each moving company provincial norms are not the same, the same company, service whether the payment of the difference of more than 30 yuan, interval, two overweight fee and other charges made by the remaining target delivery fee or not. Take some moving companies are not in the screen light code price, have to take himself hit the phone company back to consult.   Case study: secondary wild yellow elder sister moved to reveal to forget her move loses. Huang Laojie said moving most sought after beauty moved house before dredging them worse enemies, to understand the company's free service, to prevent "black". Xie price Po Division on the move, will be free to understand specific interrogation, including handling time, travel, cars, employees of the old charges, the number of items, and so on, hiding any Po Division moving to or on behalf of another put.


  2  moving mass picked far   to prevent receiving fruit itinerary and add closed freight   moving journeys closer and higher freight, moved not day take into days as a result of a difference of 10 great below, each table usually have to charge 4 to 5 Yuan. If moving the company away from the flat is close to moving company theory appropriate to take Tim received the round-trip cost, so moved to do mass expansion short trip, best quality choice moving company far away from home, to save on shipping.   Case study: elder sister Guo soft graduated in previous years, to be days where the master moved to farm income, haizhu district, yuexiu district. She would like the reputation of the bad moving company moving, but invented their fares will have to be higher than the moving company around school lost much because school residences are for the remote, move used in the wild "floor" war "between" are high. Guo found on the net, moving companies normally have a scale of charges, for example, a moving company in Guangzhou collective move sent the wrong province, visit to 180 yuan, on 5 floor fee reduction, the handling interval of 100 meters, have to pay an extra 50 Yuan. By this measure, sister Lin altogether the need to pay more than 200 Yuan, and moving services around the school, only more than 100 Yuan Xie, number ten Yuan to be stopped.   Guo Laojie said called the neighbourhood relocation services, you don't need to call Kai car moving companies small tender far past, only whether two-way, regret later not know situation and spend the grievance. Her performance, some private I supply services, charges more for the low, only with worse service road services free of rough sections were afraid of being black.


  3  moving away floor   I may charge a fee to move the company to the wrong floor high, carriage charges are the same, moving according to the theoretical scenarios maneuver when choice is not moving, removal costs can stop a lot.   Case: strict teacher wife and husband marriage long before marriage because work always in the same area the total Hong Kong recently because students work static regulation, and I decided to visit and moved to a house in yuexiu district. Due to strict died after the residence space so far, but floors high, supplies soon, and wife just bad the same, accommodation interval House, large supplies, stopped a small two consultations, the handling method of resolution is not, frugal move. Due to the ripening of the home of pure light, and only live on the first floor, little help we start things moving in the House resolution, this high removal costs for one hundred or two hundred Yuan, on a ride, the moving company, SOAP cloud moved to yuexiu district pay ten yuan in transportation costs. Strict wife there, is more has single layer carbon box, and small desks, and cold firearms with wardrobe, small appliances household, not work due to journeys not far, strict wife indirect called has near of officer agricultural generation Plaza moved level floor, "only to one officer workers on can moved finished all large household, spent has how many 10 Yuan on get has, if called moved company is to more than 100 more Yuan. "