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Moving company qualification documents

First, the Shanghai daily moving company damages caused to consumers in the process of moving from a legal point of view shall be liable. 106th of the General principles of the Civil Code provides that "citizens and legal persons due to faults against the State, collective property, infringement shall bear civil liability for property damage or physical", 107th article "State or collective property or the property of others, and should be to make restitution or pay compensation. The victim suffers other great losses, the infringer shall compensate for the losses. " Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on the implementation < civil > number of issues article 58th of: "If a legal representative and of other staff members, in the name of legal persons engaged in business activities, to cause economic loss, Enterprise legal persons shall bear civil liability. "So its staff losses should be borne by the moving company. &Nbsp;

Second, the CC definition of losses, according to the actual value of the damaged goods after deducting the depreciation by mutual agreement, determine, and other significant losses, provide evidence, further mediation by mutual recognition, if not recognized and could not be reconciled, is generally recommended parties to resolve disputes through litigation.

Finally, the Council reminds consumers that before choosing a moving company, to understand each other's qualifications and integrity (Shenzhen credit on website) and not rely on the street "small Flyer" publicity, nor trust operators of "one-sided", the operator of rhetorical commitment to the terms of a written contract, signed and sealed by both retained for activist use.