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Every day teaches you how to guard against moving scam

One day, Mr Huang had received in the mail a piece of small paper, reads: "mass moving coupons, coupon is 58 Yuan" and so on, and Volkswagen moving transport company the Red Seal. According to him, 10 days ago, he rented a House, ready to move every day in Shanghai to carry part of the furniture and household items, and later in the mail box to see this small paper, according to telephone appointment move. Mr sunny WONG moved the following day, the other answered, we're all van, rain is no problem. Then set the next morning move, price good for 208, deduct 58 coupons as long as pay 150 yuan in cash.      

big move out of shuawulai      

Huang collectibles scattered a busy night, the next morning a 2 ton General truck, instead of a van truck, leading a foreign accent of the man told him the same, Mr WONG also told the man handling the price had talked on the phone. After several large couches and moving out, 4 men around him said: "fare". Mr Wong stressed that the price is about well in advance, "you bad move, don't move, but these things are clearly on the phone, nothing more. "4 men refused, Mr WONG can only be called" reservation ", a woman of foreign accent told him to consult with Porter, then hang up the phone.      

2 ton truck price      

leading men offered 500 Yuan. 4 men say: "today, you also have to move, do not move must move. Mr WONG wants to alarm, leading man shouted, alarming would be useless. "4 men say: 500 Yuan not less money. Mr WONG can only tell men, was only 300 yuan in my pocket. Man tells him, you must pay 380 Yuan. Things are moving into the car, but Mr Huang had to default.