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Moving company charges trick

Live Jagu, Jeff Rowland congratulated themselves, their carefully save moving costs 200 Yuan for himself. "It's moving companies an excuse to add money, this is just one example. "Mr Lam hopes his experience can give others a heads up, to acknowledge the situation when moving, be careful moving company abuse charges,  

Zhang: I invite every moving company moving, all things are moving well, just leaving a 1.8M Simmons, rolling eyes, that Simmons was let go, through mediation and moving company workers, eventually to add 200 more hard charges 12 stories down. Moving companies waited for for a long time, no see workers down, finally decides to look how the workers moved to the stairs, climbed from the first floor to 12, and didn't see the traces of the movers, is on the first floor, and waited for a few minutes, lift away. First appear in front of Mr Zhang is his family's mattresses, see this, he knew, but came to moving companies cheated.

when Bill mentioned mattress from under the stairs, that 200 hard if we can give, moved several workers said nothing. So save moving costs 200 Yuan